SiriusXM Internet Radio Service & Subscription

Q: I have a Premium XM Radio Online account, or a Premium SiriusXM Radio Online account. Will it work with the SiriusXM TTR1?
A: Yes, both of those services have been combined to form the SiriusXM Internet Radio Service. If you have an existing XM Radio Online account, you need to update your password so it's compatible with the TTR1. You may also need to update your username if it's longer than 20 characters. Visit and sign in using your account username and password. Follow the instructions to update XM Radio Online username and password information. Always use the latest software update for your TTR1 located in the Software Update section in the System Setup option in the main TTR1 menu.
Q: What SiriusXM programming can I listen to on the SIRIUS Tabletop Internet Radio?
A: The SiriusXM Tabletop Internet Radio (TTR1) supports the full SiriusXM Internet Radio (SXIR) channel lineup, including "The Best of" programming. The content you receive on your TTR1 is dependent on your subscription. Note: due to licensing restrictions, some channels available on Satellite Radio may not be available on the TTR1. Similarly, there are some channels available exclusively on the SXIR service. Please visit for the latest channel lineup information.
Q: How do I obtain a SXIR account?
A: If you are not yet subscribed to SiriusXM Internet Radio, or if you are an existing SIRIUS Satellite Radio subscriber, visit or call 1-888-539-7474. If you are an existing XM subscriber, visit, or call 800-XM-RADIO (967-2346).
Q: What is the monthly cost for SXIR?
A: If you currently have a SiriusXM Satellite Radio subscription, you can add SXIR to your existing account for $2.99 per month. If you do not have a Satellite Radio subscription you can sign up for a new SXIR account only for $12.95 per month.
Q: Can I add the SXIR to my existing subscription?
A: Yes, if you have an existing Satellite Radio subscription, you can add SXIR to your existing account for $2.99 per month. If you do not have a Satellite Radio subscription you can sign up for a new SXIR account only for $12.95 per month.
Q: Can I listen to other Internet radio services on my TTR1?
A: No, the TTR1 works exclusively with SXIR service.


Q: What is new in software version 4B1?
A: Software version 4B1 adds compatibility for XM Radio Online (XMRO) customers. Note that XMRO customers need to log into the online account management webpage ( and update their password. Usernames longer than 20 characters will also need to be updated.
Q: What is new in software version 2B1?
A: Software version 2B1 improves compatibility with some networking equipment. No user features were added or changed. It is available via online update. If your TTR1 doesn't automatically prompt you to perform the update, you can manually start the update by pressing MENU, then going to System Setup.. Software Update... Check Now.
Q: What do I need to use my TTR1?
A: In order to use the TTR1, you'll need a logon and password for a SiriusXM Internet Radio (SXIR) account and access to a high-speed wired or wireless Internet connection. Your Internet service must provide data at 128 kbps or more. (Most DSL and cable modem services provide more than ten times this minimum necessary level of performance.) If the wireless network is secure, you will need the SSID and password. Note: You will only need to enter your SXIR username and password the first time you logon.
Q: What is a Wi-Fi password?
A: A Wi-Fi password is an optional feature that is used to secure your wireless home network and encrypt communication so only authorized devices can see it. If your Wi-Fi router was set up with encryption turned on, then anyone connecting needs this password. The password for the TTR1 will be the same password that used for connecting a laptop to your network. If you don't know the password, see your router's setup instructions or ask the person who set up your network. TTR1 supports three encryption modes (WEP, WPA and WPA2 security) and needs to be configured to use the same mode as your router.
Q: How can I tell if my wireless network is working?
A: If you have a laptop connected to the wireless network, make sure you can browse the Internet. Using the TTR1 Network Wizard to scan for your network's name (SSID) and use the TUNE knob to select it. (Note if the SSID is not broadcast you will need to know what it is and enter it.) Finally, push MENU > System Setup > Software Update > Check Now. If you get the message "Software up to date" or "New version available", then you are connected to the Internet. If you get the message "Login failed" you don’t have connection to the Internet.
Q: I am connected to my Wi-Fi network. How do I receive SIR programming?
A: First, make sure that you have entered your SIR username and password in the SiriusXM Setup menu. Then, turn on the TTR1, push the menu button and select SiriusXM. Select a category and channel to listen.

TTR1 Features and Functions

Q: How do I save and recall favorite channels on the TTR1?
A: It is easy to save and access up to 10 of your favorite channels on the TTR1. To save a favorite channel, simply press and hold one of the 10 numbered press buttons on the radio or remote control. The favorite channel is saved when the display reads "Preset Stored". To tune a preset channel, simply press and release the desired preset number.
Q: Is there an alarm clock or sleep timer on the TTR1?
A: Yes, there are two independent alarms that can be used to play a SXIR channel or buzzer at a pre-selected time. Both alarms have a snooze feature. Alarms can be set to play once, daily, or only on weekdays or weekends. In addition, you can set the sleep timer in 5-minute increments to fall asleep to your favorite SXIR channels to have the radio automatically turn off.
Q: Can I dim the display so it is not bright when I am sleeping?
A: Yes, the TTR1 display automatically adjusts to the light in the room. In addition, you can manually set the display’s brightness.
Q: Can I block mature content?
A: Yes, the TTR1 supports parental controls that allow you to select channels you would like to block, and set a 4-digit passcode to be entered in order to play those channels.
Q: Can I connect the TTR1 to other audio devices?
A: Yes, the TTR1 has an auxiliary input to connect other audio sources and an auxiliary output to connect to a separate audio system. It also includes a headphone jack for personal listening.


Q: What should I do if my TTR1 displays "HTTP Error"?
A: This indicates a network problem. To fix this problem, unplug the TTR1 from the wall outlet, wait 20 seconds, and then plug it back in.
Q: What does it mean when I see "buffering" on the TTR1 display?
A: Buffering means that the TTR1 needs to receive more data from the network. Typically, it will clear and the TTR1 will start playing after a few seconds. This may happen from time to time depending on the amount of network traffic accessing the Internet. If the "buffering" message appears on the TTR1and remains for more than a minute, turn the TTR1 off and on again. If the message remains on the display, it could be due to a weak wireless signal. Try moving the TTR1 closer to the Wi-Fi access point until the signal strength indicator on the lower-right corner of the TTR1 display steadily shows three bars.
Q: What does it mean when I receive the message "Login failed"?
A: Your user name and password may be wrong or invalid or you may not be subscribed to PREMIUM SXIR service. Check your account online at or by calling SiriusXM Customer Care at (888) 539-7474. Note: You should only need to login the first time you access SXIR service.
Q: What does it mean when I see "Failed to Connect" on the TTR1 display?
A: You are not successfully connected to your high-speed wired or wireless network. Verify the network information and try again. It may be necessary to move the TTR1 closer to your wireless access point to receive a stronger signal.
Q: What does it mean when I see "Stream Closed" on the TTR1 display?
A: This usually means that your PSXIR account credentials (username & password) are being used by another device or for online PC listening. Each subscription allows you to listen to SXIR on one device at a time. Alternatively, after a long period of inactivity on the TTR1, the connection may time-out. Turn the radio off and on again and it will reconnect. To prevent this kind of time-out, periodically adjust the volume or any other control.

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